• Product Highlights:
    • Designed specifically for driving high-capacity, aftermarket in-tank Low Pressure Fuel Pumps (LPFPs), such as the Walbro F90000267 (450) without overheating the factory fuel pump control module or Hobbs style pressure switches for on off control which heat up fuel and waste energy as most of the fuel is often returned to the tank through the return line.
    • PWM-30A allows the ECU to  maintain the factory complete closed-loop control of the requested fuel system pressure regardless of what aftermarket LPFP(s) the user decides to install. Want to run a 22A, 450LPH Walbro F90000267 E85 pump under full control of your ECU? The Precision Raceworks PWM-30A will enable that.
    • The PWM-30A provides the ability to use any aftermarket LPFP, while keeping the ECU in complete control of the LPFP operation, is a key distinguishing feature not available with any competing LPFP solutions.
    • Supports big single turbo or twin turbo setups by removing the traditional LPFP fueling bottleneck and permitting the fuel system to hold any ECU-requested pressure.
    •  This truly is a fully scalable solution for your car or truck.  A single PWM-30A can drive multiple LPFP's in parallel (Up to 30a max load per pwm-30a) or multiple PWM-30A's can be installed in parallel to drive banks of high-capacity LPFP's.  Regardless of the preferred fuel system configuration, the ECU retains complete control of the low pressure fuel system's operation.
    • Works with any LPFP model that draws less than 30A at peak load and peak duty. With the PWM-30A you are not sacrificing future flexibility and limiting your options by using a fueling solution that only lets you use one particular LPFP make/model.
    • Works with any ECU tuning package, Piggy back system, or even without any ECU tuning at all. With a PWM-30A you are not sacrificing future flexibility and limiting your options by using a fueling solution that forces you to use only one vendor's ECU tuning suite.
    • Compatible with voltage boosting modules and new high-voltage LPFP's rated for up to 24V.
    • Integrates seamlessly with the vehicle's factory systems.
    • Reliable, easy to install and operate.
    • Works with both Pulse Width Modulated systems that turn pump off and on to maintain constant pressure, or with analog systems which have fluctuating voltage levels to control constant fuel pressure.  The Precision Raceworks PWM-30A can even work with a combined system that uses both PWM and Fluctuating analog voltages.
    • Designed using the highest-quality automotive and industrial grade electronic components for OEM quality, performance, and longevity.


The Precision Raceworks PWM-30A is an advanced LPFP driver module designed to overcome the challenges of increased fueling in all electronic fuel systems. In most systems, the factory LPFP module is only able to drive a single in-tank low pressure fuel pump LPFP often unable to handle high capacity aftermarket pumps. Higher capacity aftermarket in-tank fuel pumps draw more current than the factory control module is capable of, by adding PWM-30A control modules to the system you can add as many pumps as your needs demand.

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PWM-30A - High Power Low Pressure Fuel Pump Driver

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