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High flow Fuel Filter/Regulator Assembly
The Factory fuel filter assembly restricts flow greatly limiting you to maximum of 1.8gpm at 72psi this is a problem when you are looking for steady pressures and is a bottle neck to all fuel pumps above stage 2. To put things in perspective a stage 3 bucket pump flows around 2.1gpm and a stage 3 bucketless flows around 2.3gpm this means removing this restriction would be roughly a 15% gain for a bucketed stage 3 pump and roughly a 20% gain for a stage 3 bucketless! Best of all on a car with 100,000 miles the fuel filter is long overdue for being replaced anyways!

But wait there’s more!
So above if you noticed the math the factory venturi in the bucket consumes .2gpm that’s why there is an increase when it is ditched with a bucketless system. Did you know there is a 2nd venturi that you can’t ditch located on the fuel filter side? It pumps fuel from the driver’s side up over the driveshaft hump and to the passenger side so you can use your full tank of gas. This venturi happens to also consume .2gpm but since it can’t be removed we have to get the gas over somehow we decided to take the waste off the built in adjustable regulator and use it to drive the venturi. Now we gained .2gpm for doing nothing but moving plumbing around a little.
One of the biggest perks to our fuel filter/regulator assembly is true AN fitting output from the filter. We actually designed it so you can pick your fuel line size anything from -4 to -12 will work with our kit. It is as easy as unscrewing the drop in XRP racing 10 micron fuel filter and screwing in another XRP filter with the output size of your choice.

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